Washington’s Imperial Indo-Pacific Agenda

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Washington's Imperial Indo-Pacific Agenda

by Stephen Lendman

US Pacific Command (PACOM) is now the Pentagon's Indo-Pacific Command, reflecting "connectivity between the Indian and Pacific oceans," according to war secretary James Mattis.

US strategy remains unchanged, seeking Indo-Pacific and global dominance, wanting pro-Western puppet regimes replacing all challengers to its imperial aims.

China in the Pacific, Russia in Eurasia, and Iran in the Middle East remain prime US targets for regime change.

Trump continues Obama's Asia pivot strategy, advancing Washington's regional military footprint – involving containment of China's growing political, economic and military strength, along with checking Russia.

War in a part of the world hostile to invaders is possible. Upcoming Trump/Kim Jong-un summit talks offer no assurance of easing tensions – responsibly stepping back from the brink not a US attribute.

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