Washington Post Obtuseness on the U.S. Deep State

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News Story Source: https://www.fff.org, by Jacob G. Hornberger
The article is entitled "Iran's Hostage Factory" by Jason Rezalan.

Rezalan's article revolves a condemnation of Iran's dictatorial regime. No surprise there. Criticizing Iran, which is considered an "enemy" or "opponent" or "rival" by the U.S. deep state, has become standard fare for critiques by the U.S. mainstream press, just like Russia and China.

What's fascinating about Rezalan's article, however, is how he fails to draw parallels in his article with the dark-side policies and practices of the U.S. deep state.

Rezalan details many of the horrors committed by the Iranian government, such as taking hostages for political purposes, holding people without charges or trial, denial of due process of law, forced confessions, and other such things. He writes that Iran takes hostages to use as bargaining chips to extract political concessions from other countries.

One of the things he doesn't mention is that it is
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