Wall Street Legends Identified In Florida Prostitution Sting

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News Story Source: https://www.zerohedge.com, By Tyler Durden
According to ESPN, while Kraft's naming in the prostitution bust prompted shocked gasps – with many asking why a billionaire would resort to a $75/hour day spa to satisfy his basic urges – he is reportedly not the most famous person, as "there's someone else whose name hasn't surfaced yet who's better known than Kraft."

"I'm also told that Robert Kraft is not the biggest name involved down there in South Florida," Schefter said.

According to Schefter, another 175 names to be revealed, in addition to the 25 people already named in the police report with up to 200 names in total involved in the investigation.

"This is an investigation that has been going on for months," Schefter said.

"What I have been told is that there are other people involved. There are other names that will come out in this particular investigation," Schefter added.

"We got 25 names today, there are 175 more names coming. Now some will j
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