Walking Prince William’s Path (How to Save a King)


I find it obscenely hilarious that the British “Royal” Advisors have the audacity to come out and blame the media for this Prince Charles/Princess Diana Mess. Some are even hinting at me? Oh, Hell No!  Let me tell everyone what is really happening.

If a person doesn’t want mess then why be messy? Over the past couple of years, of having to deal with this Illuminati & Global Elites; Prince Charles has been one of the messiest figures that I have ever seen.

The first issue that Prince William has in public life, is the fact that there is no Upper British Society. Like American Upper Society, it is strictly a New Age Illusion.

  • We got the Bush Family, simply because grand-father Bush (Prescot) a Yankee from the North East, happened to be in a position, where he could work with the Bank of England to move money for Hitler & the Nazis. The Bush family is strictly a product of people that made money by aiding and abetting Hitler. Barbara Bush’s family came over from Germany in the late 1800′s and they were field peasants.
  • We got the Clintons when the foreign European owned Federal Reserve and Wall St Bankers needed scam politicians to remove America’s Financial Laws, in the 1990′s, in order rob, loot and bankrupt the United States. So, these bankers went down into Arkansas and found a red neck, raping sociopath and elevated him into the position as President of the U.S. and this ended up being Bill Clinton.


  • The Kennedy Family is plagued by genetic mental illness. So, what makes up the American Political Elite are really nothing but mentally ill, sociopaths. There is no Illuminati blood line or real aristocracy in American Elite Society, even though Hillary Clinton calls herself an “aristocrat”. It’s an illusion.



Now the American Upper Society is modeled after the British Upper Society, which means there is no legit Upper Society in the U.K.

The Facts & Untold Story:  How to Save a King.


What did Queen Elizabeth do after Prince William married Kate? Well, she had her “royal” advisors create a massive PR schedule. On Prince William’s Schedule were “meet & greets” with public figures like Jennifer Lopez in Hollywood, British American Idol & reality show producers.

One thing that I have learned in life; is that the five senses are deceiving. Yes, it may sound good to have Prince William taking photos with Jennifer Lopez, as he did after his marriage & due to Queen Elizabeth and her “royal” advisors BUT, why did Prince William cancel his entire schedule and wiped clean his entire calendar for the first year after his marriage?

Well, half of it was due to my bitching about his roll out and second was Prince William telling his grand mother to go fuck herself. Ya see, Jennifer Lopez isn’t just some big-booty Latina-American Entertainer on American Idol but she is also someone that is caught up in the Hollywood Church of Scientology. In fact, Jennifer Lopez and her father are often at Scientology Events and even close associates with the head of Scientology who is now under investigation and suspicion for the murder of his wife! (Sound Familiar?)


Because Queen Elizabeth and her “royal” advisors gave Prince William bad PR advice, it is now possible to link Prince William to not only Scientology, which is a bad word in most of Europe, but some crafty people at Vanity Fair can also make an attempt to link Prince William to the head of Scientology and even the possible murder of Scientology’s First Lady.

When Vanity Fair or other journalist write up scandals, they often sit on the scandal for years, sometimes up to five years. So, when Prince William was meeting with Jennifer Lopez, the Scientologist, we had secret articles being written by journalist; that can pass the journalistic smell test, of Who, What, Where, When & Why except they sit on these stories and will wait for Prince William to be in a really good place, before unleashing the scandal. Had Prince William listened to me, from the very beginning, he wouldn’t even have this as a worry.

LaPatilla.com | Britain's Prince William speaks to actress

Lets take the American Idol Creators and the British Producers of these silly reality shows. Everyone in Hollywood knows that British Reality Shows, like American Idol, are nothing more than fronts for pedophile rings. American Idol’s Creator, Simon Fuller, even slept with a young (very young) Kimberly Locke on Season 2 of American Idol, put her in the third runner-up spot and purchased her a new diamond ring, which this contestant showed off on tv!

American Idol Games, Trivia, Personality Quizzes, American Idol

There are so many mediation settlements, with parents who had children molested by British Idol Producers that I am sure Vanity Fair can & will bring out these scandals and have enough of American Idol Pedophile Dirt that it could fill up an entire magazine. Do we really need Queen Elizabeth and her “royal” advisors putting British Reality Show Producers on his (Prince William) “meet & greet” schedule? Yeah, it looks good & sounded good at the time but the five senses are deceptive.


Now in five years time, due to Queen Elizabeth, we could actually see some articles that accuse Prince William of keeping company with pedophiles. This is why I suggested he cancel that post-marriage schedule and clearly my advice, jived with his own gut-intuitive feelings because he did cancel his future appearances and Queen Elizabeth threw a bitch fit.

Lets take a look at when Prince William’s Son was born. What scandal was and is hanging over his head? Well, it is the Jimmy Savile/BBC child pedophilia scandal, which Queen Elizabeth/Prince Charles have left open to speculation and didn’t even issue a statement of facts, that explains their relationship with Jimmy Savile or the BBC.

The reason why they (Queen Elizabeth/Prince Charles) did not issue a statement, is because slumming in a British Trailer Park is clearly the way they choose to live their lives but why should all of these scandals fall on Prince William? It is not me that has harmed Prince William but instead the only way to help Prince William is to isolate him; from not only these shady British Media People, but also from his pre-existing family.

Jimmy Savile: BBC denies cover-up | Media | theguardian.Prince Charles to switch to another royal family for better career

The only scandals that Prince WIlliam can be some-what linked to, are the scandals which were tossed at him via listening to “Royal” Advisors or from following advice given to him by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.

Autumn Leafs 1920x1200 wallpapers download - Desktop HD, iPhoneLeafs do not simply turn brown & fade; while ships sail away due to a season change…..anymore. Now leafs turn brown & fade because the entire tree dies or gets dugged up by the roots. Ships sail away & then get bombed because once these predators & media types, get a public figure into a cold, frosty Winter Season Scandal; that’s exactly where they leave you to die & to never, ever thaw-out. Just look at Prince Charles.

Just because all of these scandals are not coming out immediately after taking place; it doesn’t mean that the media is holding these scandals out of respect nor does it mean that the media isn’t going to bring them out in five years time. It is better to let the lightning of life strike Prince William right now because the impact will be lessened and he will come out of these scandals intact. Prince William is a grown 30-something year old man; I am a grown 30-something year old man and I will talk to him like a grown man and be honest with him, like I would be honest with any other grown man that has his own family to look after & protect.

I have no sympathy for Prince Charles. I told Prince Charles to move on his own global positions. Prince Charles slapped his name on Brazil but as soon as Brazil needed a spokesperson, to solve some of their problems Prince Charles was no where to be found and in fact Prince Charles is now speaking at the UN, appearing to not know that the UN will be abolished within a decade. So, after the UN gets abolished Prince Charles will have built no global platform because Prince Charles is childish and lazy. The UN is a dirty agency, and right when the public is starting to see how the UN runs child sex slaves, uses troops to clear land for corporations and even commits genocide; Prince Charles decides that he wants to now be in bed with the UN? Oh yeah, that man has major issues.

I am not worried about Prince Charles and I am not worried about Queen Elizabeth nor will there ever come a day when the ranks of upper British or American Society find themselves sitting on the top of any Illuminati Pyramid. One can’t take mentally ill, sociopath pedophiles and dress them up as “elites” no matter what schools they attended or how much of fiat Goldman-Sachs money they may have in their accounts. Prince William will go to the top of that Illuminati Pyramid, by himself, or I will sink it like quick-sand.

My job is to get Prince William from Point A to Point B and that’s just what I plan to do. Prince William is going to be a global leader of the Illuminati & I plan to make a flawless transition.


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