Waking Up to the Holographic Universe


by Yukon Jack
Veterans Today

Humans are waking up and becoming divine spiritual beings, so goes the New Age mantra. How many of us are we really waking up, why are so many still asleep, what exactly is going on? Why are we able to overcome the holographic mind programming of our ancestors and becoming a fully self aware human? As science peels back the tapestry of the heavens and seeing what kind of hologram we exist in, how does this new information change our existing myths? What is going on, how do I become self aware, what is going to happen to our society? I’m glad you asked.

Humanity is in a crisis, most humans are stuck in ancient myth yet we have developed every kind of technology and weaponized it turning everything lethal. Don’t eat the GMO vegetables, don’t breath the chem trailed laced air, don’t eat the radioactive tuna, don’t watch the poisoned television programming. Technology has progressed at an unbelievable pace yet much of humanity are stuck in 4,000 year old myth. The innocuous analog amp meter hanging on the outside of your house, that spins slow to fast measuring current flow is now a ‘power’ meter of the elite, they can spy on you or even turn your power off remotely. Friendly technology turned ugly by evil minds, they did it because they could do it, they are applying their will against us.

Humans have big brains that are self aware, inventive, creative. They can be used for anything good or bad, a relative judgment we assign to things. Will we as a specie make it? I am not so sure and as a betting man I would say the odds favor more destruction. I think a few of us will make it but it will at very great cost, more bloodshed then we have ever seen before. We are currently careening toward doomsday of our own making. What can save us from certain doom? You can’t save the world but you can save yourself, personal transformation is the key to your survival.

The Holy Book Isn’t

The crisis is a big brain crisis, humans have big brains and are using them for destructive purpose. We are the fascist planet of the Apes. We need an apocalyptic transformation of our minds. The crisis is forcing humanity to change. Will you change or be the dinosaur that goes extinct? It’s up to you. What are we going to do, pray to the war god for peace? That probably won’t work. We must rewrite our myths and remove the destroyer god from our minds, we must ditch the holy books that are driving our culture straight to hell.

Most people don’t realize that the Bible is a doomsday book and Christians are a death worshiping cult. The Bible teaches that history ends and everything gets destroyed by the savior god that comes back in vengeance. Sounds appealing to those under the spell. We worship death and think we are going to heaven. Those in the cult are blinded by the memes, they can’t see like a fish that is unable to detect water. Want out of hell? Stop worshiping hell and calling it heaven, stop thinking that punishment is a good thing and that we need more prisons. Stop worshiping a judging god because by doing that you are programming your mind to be judgmental. With a judgmental mind you will vote and create a police state, a prison planet.

Most Americans are psychotic because they agree to the Bible premise of eternal punishment, where the unsaved go to a hell and are tortured eternally. This is a monster philosophy, believing in these ideas makes you a monster, you will think nothing of those being tortured throughout the worldwide American gulag. The ultimate ego trip is believing that you are saved while all the rest go to hell, with that supremacist philosophy you can be made to do anything, like dropping bombs on everyone unsaved. And the one thing that Jewish-Christian Supremacist America loves to do is drop bombs on everyone else. Vietnam was your cultures psychosis unveiled.

We will treat each other far differently when we realize that this is it, no afterlife. When you quit with the Bible hell you’ve been taught then you will stop projecting that meme on the world. What can save us is an easy answer and most difficult to implement. The Bible has to go away, it is no holy book, it is the hell literature and bad fiction.  What we need is a radical total transformation of human consciousness from the prejudicial ape biped to universal loving man, one in tune with Nature and the Cosmos.

What is stopping this naturally transformation from primitive superstition to a fully self aware being? The Bible, the holy book of the culture is stopping the evolution of the specie. The old myths have humanity in a stranglehold, most humans are in mental lockdown, unable to grasp their predicament, they are acting out the negativity of the myths handed down. The Bible has turned the western peoples into mass murderers, just look at all the illegal and immoral wars and how the same people who start them are elected and re-elected. Look at this mass of Christianity and how they love Israel no matter what Israel does. Genocide, false flags, illegal weapon use, Fukushima, organ trading, prostitution, assassinations, subversion of foreign states.  Anything evil you can imagine, you can bet that Israel is fully engaged in it and profiting by it. If Israel does it the Zionist team cheerleaders keeps right on cheering.  What does that say about this so-called holy book Christians read?

When you realize that you are a DNA miracle of life expressing itself at the present moment in the cosmos, you will view everything as divine. That person next to you is not the enemy, they are a miracle, they are divine.  How did a universe of inanimate matter manage to create life that became complex and even self aware? What happens when we die? If you don’t know then say you don’t know, don’t lie and say you know because you read something in a book.  I don’t know, anyone that says they know is a liar because I don’t know and my brain is just as big as yours. Death should be irrelevant when you are alive and living in this wonderland, our lives shouldn’t revolve around death. The death cult has made living dangerous, it is time for us sane people to put an end to this lunacy and take their holy book away. Ban the Bible.

Bad Myth Makes Bad People

The problem with most religions is they teach you to live for the next life, not this one. They have institutionalized not being in the present moment. Millions of humans are praying right now to go to heaven, or chanting mantras purifying their souls and escaping the karmic wrath of judgement. But what if the myths is wrong? What if there is no god and this is your only life? That would change everything, because now your life becomes an expression of you in this moment, every waking moment a precious thing. Religion is getting people worried about things that aren’t real, people are wasting their lives, living lives of quite desperation because of myth. What can you do with your life now that is fun, exciting, and expression of only you? A song, a poem, a painting that enlightens others, a new type of transportation not requiring fossil fuels?

What does our culture produce as an expression of itself? Drones. Flying robots that turn people into hamburger. We produce death. When the Jew loves the Palestinian, then humanity will be saved. But that ain’t goin’ to happen, is it? One Palestinian described the hate as so thick you could cut it with a knife. We live in a soup of hate caused by bad myths of the so called holy books. Israel has built a state around separation and hate, and you can see this expression in their wall. This mentality controls the western states, Israel is the author of the terror war, Israel is the author of the police state. All of this hate stems from their holy book and Christians agree with it.

Why are humans so easily duped? Why is humanity so preoccupied with myth? Why is religion so popular still, even though we are well into the scientific and information ages? Almost certainly the myth is wrong because of how it was formed, once you grasp that myths are chains of memes linked together by haphazard process. A potential reason is that we are waking up inside of a hologram, our minds are unable to grasp reality of existence. Why is this happening to us? Because the brain is evolving into a bigger processor and reached a threshold and became aware of itself. We are self aware beings who asked what happens when we die? We became afraid of our own death.

Only humans have religion because they are self aware creatures with big brains who needed an explanation for what happens after death and to assign causality to gods for all unknown phenomenon.

Not to many generations ago, the pre-hominid brain was quite a bit smaller than ours. Then it got big, it went from a steady slow increase to fast increase, as the next chart below illustrates. Scientists are puzzled why the rate of increase changed so dramatically. As we began to walk upright, our spines and hips changed, we lost our fur, we became tool makers because of our free hands. Natural selection favored a larger brain, eventually our brains reached a threshold where this upright hominid started to think, develop language and become concerned about death. Archeologists look intently for graves, cave art, tools, structures because that indicates a big change in the specie. Graves are important, because that means the specie is now concerned about the afterlife. Art is an indication of abstract thought. At some point, say 1,000 cubic centimeters of brain volume, we changed into a different thing, we started thinking about god.

If the wheels are rotating it's just the brain tricking your mind


Waking Up Within the Holographic Matrix

Humans either invented god, perceived god, or were contacted by god/aliens. God has an origin. Which one is it? I think it is clear that humans invented god, and the rest of this essay I will work with that assumption, you are free to disagree. I believe god is a meme invented for very good reasons, the primary one is survival of the self aware brain. Self awareness begs an eternal question, what happens when we die? Do we cease to exist? Humans rationalize everything , even their own deaths, and can easily be led to believe in an afterlife because they want to believe. But there is another good reason to invent god, to assign causality to all things unknown. So we have two powerful motives to invent god, and I believe both are responsible for the creation of god meme by the inventive human brain.

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