Village Praxis: Driving Pistol and Rifle Red Dot Optics by Bill Buppert

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News Story Source: by Bill Buppert
Publisher's Note: A combination of blog fatigue, a busy life and the general ennui that always follows a seismic shift in political temperament at the Offal Office informs my scarce writing lately. While the Mango Emperor has his detractors and character flaws, he remains the only occupant of that awful office to have not started a new war in four decades.

No mean feat with the pressures for war ever present in the alien Necromonger ecology of Mordor on the Potomac. A place where decency and morality is always trumped by power and institutional greed for it.

I have always thought that electoral fraud is built into any franchise system by one or more parties competing for power but never thought I would see the sloppy and manifest evidence of it so apparent and visible.

The Marxian Proglodytes have pulled out all the stops to prevent their fellow New York City progressive from getting a second term for reasons only the interested can discern. I suspect the Human Mollus
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