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Unfortunately, there are many problems with our world. I have become aware of many videos that made me realize many important issues in many disciplines and I want to share links that I found of particular significance that are suited for the audience of Vigilant Citizen. I must say: I don’t agree with all messages on these channels and some videos have inaccurate descriptions and titles, so I advise to only listen to the messages being conveyed.

Subject: September 11th 2001

The fist video is very long and offers extensive details about 9/11 attacks and points out some glaring inconsistencies:

The second one is a short speech about 9/11 collapse mechanics/physics spoken by Jeff King, P.h.D.:

Subject: Former General Wesley Clark, exposing plans for future middle-eastern wars, back in 2007:

Subject: “Free Speech for Sale” is a Bill Moyers’ investigative report on corporations taking control of free speech and government in the USA:

Subject: 1976 Pentagon Swine Flu: In two parts (about 15 minutes total), a grim report from 1979 about the side effects of the immunizations that occurred at the urging of US government in response to the so-called swine flu ‘outbreak’. Was it an entirely profit driven campaign? It eerily resembles the bird flu and swine flu scares of recent years.

Part 1:

Part 2:

The truth is out there and it can be found and rather than offering lenghty explanations I decided to let the videos speak for themselves. I never doubted the official story of 9/11 until I somehow stumbled upon videos like the ones above. Hopefully someone out there will find these links here and wake up just as I did not too long ago. In order to change our world for the better we need to first identify the problems.

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