Venezuela Shuts Down Two Crypto currency Exchanges

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News Story Source: by Kevin Helms
Operation Paper Hands

The Venezuelan government's "Operation Paper Hands" began a new phase this week "with the dismantling of 3 illegal remittance houses: Intercash, Rapidcambio, and Airtm," according to the country's Prosecutor General, Tarek William Saab. He described:

Operation Paper Hands is the largest anti-litigation procedure in the country's history. So far 112 people have been arrested, of whom 107 have already been brought to court.

The operation "seeks to take action against individuals and companies that have incurred misappropriation, [and] dissemination of false information about the exchange rate," he explained, adding that "1,382 bank accounts have been frozen in which a sum exceeding 711,967 million bolivars [~US$10.6 million] has been blocked."

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