Venezuela Announces Anti-US Coup Coalition

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Venezuela Announces Anti-US Coup Coalition

by Stephen Lendman

Last September, Trump claimed Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro "could be toppled very quickly by the military if the military decides to do that" – falsely expecting things to play out this way.

Last summer, he pressed aides about intervening militarily. Then secretary of state Tillerson and NSA HR McMaster now replaced opposed the idea.

Days earlier, John Bolton tweeted: "It's time for Maduro to get out of the way." Separately, he urged Venezuelan generals to defect, along with threatening Maduro with internment at Guantanamo.

On February 12, he tweeted: "It is time for the Venezuelan military high command to stand alongside its people, not with Maduro's Cuban patrons."

The vast majority of Venezuelans oppose foreign interference. They're notably against military intervention.

Another Bolton tweet said: "The US will consider sancti
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