Vatican Attempts to Contain Feral Nuns


feral nuns

The largest organization of Catholic nuns has agreed to negotiate with the Vatican which has accused them of promoting “certain radical feminist themes” that undermine Catholic teaching on all-male priesthood, birth control and homosexuality, and remaining silent on abortion. But this seems like a stalling tactic.

Here is a report from their latest conclave:

[The nuns] sat in silence for a long stretch, sang songs about truth and mystery accompanied by a guitar and a choir, and heard a keynote address by a futurist who was escorted to the podium by seven liturgical dancers waving diaphanous scarves of pink and tangerine.

“Crisis precedes transformation,” the futurist, Barbara Marx Hubbard, told the nuns. “You are the best seedbed that I know for evolving the church and the world in the 21st century. Now, that may be a surprise to the world. But, you see, new things always happen from unexpected places.”

The nuns, most dressed informally in pants or skirts, gave a standing ovation to Ms. Hubbard, a beatific presence with a mantle of white hair who quoted Jesus, Buckminster Fuller, the Jesuit philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and the current pope, Benedict XVI.

But if the nuns submit to the Vatican’s plan to overhaul their organization, it is doubtful that their meetings will feature a keynote speaker like Ms. Hubbard, who grew up a nonreligious Jew in a Scarsdale, N.Y., mansion (her father founded the Marx toy company) and is now acclaimed by New Age luminaries like Deepak Chopra for helping to lead what she calls the “conscious evolution” movement.”


‘Catholic” nuns have done more to promote homosexual-feminist ideology than Gloria Steinem!

Having attended Catholic schools in several states, I have fond memories of dedicated teaching Sisters who in their spare time taught the girls how to embroider, read music and sing Gregorian chant.

They incorporated proper etiquette in the classroom and even  taught  ballroom dancing after lunch several days a week.

Granted, I also encountered several ill tempered nuns whom I now understand were being exploited and needed a rest from the stress of the classroom.

These were the ill and elderly nuns who, rather than being retired, were forced to continue teaching long after any normal retirement age. Despite, this, I wanted the same high quality Christian moral education for my own children. But it was nowhere to be found! As a matter of fact, it had been completely replaced!

In the early nineties, a nun opened a Satanist book store on Main Street in my home town and there was no outcry from the local parish or parish school.

When local parishes would sponsor fund raising bazaars and carnivals, the nuns had tables of books on Mother Gaia , Enneagram and even Wicca Majick.

When I opted to home school my own family, I would get phone calls from other parents interested in doing the same. More often than not they  were displeased with religion classes being replaced by ‘guided Imagery” sessions.

I find it ironic that the very same Bishops who allowed these radical feminists to persist despite decades of complaints to the Diocesan Chanceries and even the Vatican, are now being forced to address the situation head on.

“Not that this should come as a surprise to anyone who has followed the rise of the feminist-eco-lesbian ideology within the leadership covens of the LCWR over the last half-century,” says Randy Engel.

Nun Unrestrained By Vatican Gag Order

Engel continues:

“Over the last half-century, lesbian religious have forged a symbiotic relationship with their radical feminist sisters, and both have piggybacked themselves onto the liberal Left political engine. The combined covens of feminism and lesbianism have politicized religious life to such an extent that many convents and houses of female religious are only incidentally religious. Thus their “ministries” must be viewed principally through a political prism rather than a religious one.

“Under the rubrics of “peace and justice,” the feminist/lesbian network of women religious are waging war against the unborn, “hetero-sexism,” “homophobia,” a male-only priesthood, global warming/climate change and a litany of other ‘progressive’ causes, as well as an on-going attack on Catholic faith and morals.”

Because the Bishops own moral authority has been publicly discredited by their abysmal record of protection and secrecy for clerical pederasts, these nuns are now using that strategy as a position of strength against any reformation of their own practices.

Heterophobic Illuminati mouthpieces like the Huffington Post have rushed to the defense of these feral nuns: “… the showdown that has galvanized American Catholics in recent months and prompted an outpouring of support for the sisters that left the Vatican with a black eye.”

The Dangers of Free Speech!
(Los Angeles nuns engage in pagan rituals)

Reminiscent of the neo paganism foisted upon Catholics for the last half century are the pictures of nymph-like nuns dancing around altars that can only described as Druid ceremonials rather than the Traditional Catholic Liturgical worship. Cardinal Bernardin of Chicago was  one of the first to allow this practice publicly since I recall the same type pictures taken at churches in his diocese.

I have ONE question for the Vatican. Will they ever crack down on the Cardinals , Bishops and priests who encouraged the Feminist Wiccans?
If not, the nuns know they have a position to bargain.


For further reading and clerical complicity to the feminist LGBT New Age agenda……
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