US War Without Mercy in Mosul

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
US War Without Mercy in Mosul

by Stephen Lendman

The battle for Mosul began last October – conducted by Iraqi ground forces and US-led warplanes.

Relentless terror-bombing killed thousands of civilians, war crimes by any standard. Residents told to remain inside were buried under the rubble of their destroyed homes.

US-installed Iraqi puppet president Haider al-Abadi lied, calling civilian deaths "miscalculations (and) unintended mistakes."

Indiscriminate US-led terror-bombing and ground shelling destroyed or badly damaged almost every structure in western Mosul where fighting still rages.

The area resembles a moonscape with no visible life. The horror of what continues can't be overstated. Residents still in western Mosul risk death or serious injury.

Essentials to life are absent – scant food, no potable water or medical services, no electricity or way to communicate. 

People are dead, badly injured, trapped i
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