US: Republican Representative Massie Says Food Shortages Weeks Away

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News Story Source:, Tom Roten
"We are weeks, not months, away from farmers euthanizing animals that would have been sold for meat/food," Massie tweeted on Monday morning. "Also, fruits and vegetables are going to rot in the fields. A drastic change in policy this week could ameliorate this inevitability."

He also shared an interview he did with a local radio station where he warned about the prospects of shortages, "You have people running the government that have no clue about how the economy works and how their food gets to the table."

Massie continued to say that he was on a conference call with the secretary of Agriculture, where officials discussed the food supply in the country.

"The shocking thing is that farmers are watching the value of their hogs and steers, cows, go down. In fact, they're going to some of the lowest levels ever," he said.

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