US Phony War on Terror

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
US Phony War on Terror

by Stephen Lendman

America seeks global conquest and dominance, a diabolical agenda threatening humanity's survival.

Its so-called war on terror is a fabricated hoax – state-sponsored terror to advance its imperium by smashing one sovereign independent state after another.

Democracy and humanitarian intervention are Washington's most destructive exports, aiming to be the world's judge, jury, executioner and dominant power, a pure evil agenda.

Monied interests are served at the expense of popular ones. Washington rules replaced international laws, norms and standards.

Anything goes is US policy, no matter the human cost or risk of catastrophic nuclear war. Terrorism is what they do, not us. 

After the Soviet Union dissolved, Muslims replaced communism as America's target of choice, its pretext for waging war on humanity, ongoing endlessly in multiple theaters, new ones planned, aiming to replace
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