US/North Korea Summit: Hold the Cheers

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
US/North Korea Summit: Hold the Cheers

by Stephen Lendman

A US summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un may or may not happen, Trump saying:

"If we don't think it's going to be successful, we won't have it…"If I think that if it's a meeting that is not going to be fruitful we're not going to go. If the meeting when I'm there is not fruitful, I will respectfully leave the meeting," adding:

"Just because North Korea is responding to dialogue, there should be no reward. Maximum pressure should be maintained," above all, demanding the DPRK "denuclearizes."

Ahead of a possible Kim/Trump summit, an April 27 inter-Korean one will be the first since 2007, only the third one since the peninsula was divided post-WW II.

Both countries are in talks to formally declare an end to the 1950s war, replacing an uneasy armistice, an important agreement if concluded.

It's unknown if
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