US/EU/Israeli Anti-Iran Axis of Evil

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
US/EU/Israeli Anti-Iran Axis of Evil

by Stephen Lendman

With rare exceptions, colonized EU bloc countries march in lockstep with Washington's geopolitical agenda — even at the expense of their own interests.

The US and Israel long ago agreed to challenge Iran's nonexistent aim to develop nuclear weapons.

They're also allied against the Islamic Republic's legitimate ballistic missile development that's solely for self-defense.

A nonexistent Iranian threat was invented to unjustifiably justify US-led war on the country by other means.

Since taking office, Biden abandoned the idea of engaging with Iran diplomatically. Claims otherwise are fabricated — based on his actions since January 20.

He continues Trump's hardline policies, notably maximum failure that includes breaching international and US constitutional law.

No evidence suggests a change of what's going on.

Biden and hardliners a
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