US Budget Office Asks to Let NASA Save $1.5 Billion Each Launch Without SLS

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News Story Source:, by Brian Wang
They were surprised that it has take over 31 years and counting to get flying.

The budget calculation is that SLS will cost over $2 billion per launch. The program is ramping up to cost over $4 billion per year and they will only launch once every year or two. This means that they will be well over $4 billion per launch. This does not include the $20 billion already spent in this development program.

The SpaceX Falcon Heavy has already flown three times and is about to launch again. The new launch will have the first payload fairing reuse. The payload fairing is the two halves of the nose cone that split to launch the payload. Full re-use of the three boosters and the payload fairing means 90% of the Falcon Heavy will be reused.

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