Understanding How Screwed We All Are – “The Greatest Depression” – by Ernest Hancock

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Feature Article by Ernest Hancock

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Federal Reserve
Ernest Hancock Will Love This: Fed to Backstop $25 Trillion in CDS for Cede & Co.
02-10-2010  •  ZeroHedge.com 
Ernest Hancock nailed this years ago! Best known for its Cede & Co. partnership which is the holder of virtually every single physical stock certificate in the universe, and accounts for over $2 quadrillion in stock transactions per year… 

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Jack Gregson


Understanding Just How Screwed We All Are

by Ernest Hancock


 (Rescheduled to run again on the Front Page of FreedomsPhoenix 09-18-2008. The original publication date was 07-23-2008. But I think that this 'prediction' will help people understand more about what is coming,… it's just starting)


Stuck in the Baltimore/Washington airport for 8 hours due to a canceled flight,
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