Undersea restaurants, tree towers and hanging skyscrapers: The top architecture concepts…

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News Story Source: https://newatlas.com, Rich Haridy
Conceptual architecture can be a lot of things. It can be a realistic, yet novel, skyscraper or it can be an extremely unreal imagining seemingly straight out of a science fiction movie. We've seen a lot of strange boundary-pushing architecture concepts in 2017 and this gallery celebrates those exciting dreamers.

This selection of concepts from the past year includes a variety of insane proposals that obviously will never be actually constructed, but the value in a good piece of conceptual architecture is less in it being a practical proposition and more in the ideas it raises. Good conceptual architecture asks questions about where we are heading as a society and what kinds of design principles we should be exploring.

From an imaginative, yet unrealizable, skyscraper that hangs over the Earth's surface from an artificial orbiting asteroid, to a bizarre bending tower that resembles a giant paper clip, it has been a fascinating year for conceptual architecture. 

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