UN and Russia on Israel’s Annexation Scheme and No-Peace/Regional Peace

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Hello Hussein –

I have no inside information but I suspect what's going on was planned, not natural.

COVID-19 is serious only for individuals with weak immune systems or other serious health issues like heart disease or cancer, etc.

Because of my age in imperfect health, I'm in a high-risk group so take it seriously and protect myself.

The greatest concern is economic collapse and what may follow that will cause enormous harm to countless millions of people in the US, West and elsewhere.

I believe this was planned to more greatly empower US monied interests and politicians serving them than how things already are in the country.

It's why I consider what's going on a 2nd 9/11 in new form. The first one launched endless wars and police state laws enacted in the US.

I expect something similar coming out of what's ongoing now, maybe the transformation of the US into a full-blown police state along with much greater povert
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