Ultra-versatile compact trailer slides, splits and retracts between toy hauler and camper

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Long known for its Go and Go-Easy gear-hauling tent trailers, SylvanSport has debuted its first hard-sided trailer at this week's RVX show. Like the Go trailers, the all-new Vast is a dual-purpose toy-hauler/camper, only this trailer packs even more multifunctional ingenuity to effectively fill both roles. An indoor/outdoor sliding kitchen, lift-away and convertible queen beds, and sliding sofa combine to create one of the most effective space-optimizers we've ever seen, a dual-personality trailer ready for adventures of all styles and sizes.

The bright green color scheme and plastic nose box design keep the 21.5-foot (6.6-m) Vast recognizable as a SylvanSport, but beyond that it's a completely new direction for the North Carolina company. The hard-sided trailer wears a custom composite skin over insulated interior walls supported by an aluminum frame. The corners of the boxy structure are double capped for leak-free waterproof integrity.

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