Ukraine People Reject both their Government & Russia


Apart from the strategic importance of Russia’s Naval base in Crimea,
the conflict in Ukraine seems to be over who gets to
despoil her, Russia or the EU.  Over the din of propagandists,
Volodymyer Debrainsky speaks for the average Ukrainian.

Again public opinion is being manipulated.

Some points to be made:

1. Ukraine and its people since its default independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 HAVE NOT HAD a chance to be an independent sovereign and democratic state.

Our country [Ukraine] has been a pawn of the government of Russia resulting in thugs and thieves running the country and turning it into a criminal heaven playground benefiting Russia, NOT Ukraine.

In 1994 Ukraine had abandoned its nuclear program and gave its ALL nuclear arsenal to Russia as part of the Budapest agreement that guaranteed USA, UK and Russia to defend Ukraine’s borders and integrity in case of a foreign military invasion.

Yuk.jpg2. Viktor Yanukovich, left, who tried several times to get to the power wheel finally WON the elections in 2010. He’s Putin’s pawn, he was looting the country without even hiding it.

3. In November of 2013, the BAD economical proposal from the EU and Russia cutting off the imports of Ukrainian products – puts Ukraine into a corner without an exit.

Ukrainian pawn government turns logically to Russia who offers help in exchange for joining Russian economic union.

This is WHAT SPARKED the outrage and demonstrations of Ukrainians.

4. Political opposition parties and their leaders USED the civil demonstrators to ignite the civil unrest and to oust the President Yanukovich.

People got killed and tortured by police, Yanukovich’s oppression follows and the unknown special forces and snipers.

5. Former prime minister Tymoshenko, who the WEST supports, was released from jail.

Ukrainians are OUTRAGED that she was even on the stage of Majdan. People did NOT fight and die on the streets for her freedom, but for their freedom and the sovereignty of their country. She was a member of previous corruption schemed government.

This sparked the nationwide demand for LUSTRATION – a process to check backgrounds of EVERY interim government member for any ties with corruption: either internally, with Russia or the West.

(Arsenry Yatseniuk, pawn of Illuminati Jewish West)

The interim government does not respond on Lustration demands. Since it is obvious that the WEST sponsored the interim government coup.

6. Russia and Putin uses his own tactics to invade, yes – INVADE Crimea.

The Russian troops, bluntly entered the borders of Ukraine, asking the border patrol to surrender their weapons.

Stationed in Crimea. Surrounded Ukrainian stationed army and fleet. Barricaded every exit of Crimean peninsula: either by sea or land.

Creating a real military coup – surround the government in Crimea and forces people to accept russian passports and imposes the elections and a referendum for separation from Ukraine and joining Russia.

The stand off is still there.

7. As of right now, Ukrainians are mobilized against Russian invasion.

One thing is absolutely CLEAR to everyone in Ukraine: We DO NOT wants to be back in Russian hands of the KGB machine.

Ukrainians want to be free and sovereign.

8.  As of tomorrow – Ukrainians want Lustration and a brand new elected government and president.

No matter who sponsored Ukrainian revolution, Ukrainians are absolutely clear – that this is the beginning of their independence, even with the help of the corrupt by the west opposition.

The fight had just begun. Ukraine is a different country now. And it is NOT for sale!

And we will fight to end the government corruption, to gain full sovereignty, neutrality and build the prosperous Ukraine.

We are finally starting to gain our independence, even if we have to fight the corruption of the world powers!

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