Twitter Bans Trump! What’s Next?

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Twitter Bans Trump! What's Next?

by Stephen Lendman( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Dark forces against an open, free, fair society pushed for silencing Trump. 

Twitter complied. Facebook and perhaps other significant social media may be next.

Who'll next be censored and silenced? 

Will muckraking, investigative, truth-telling journalists be banned by Twitter and other social media?

Will everyone diverging from the falsified official narrative face online banishment across the board?

Will cutting edge websites I and many others follow no longer be accessible ahead, including my own?

Will my writing and by others I respect and follow be criminalized if continue?

GW Bush once calling the Constitution "just a goddamned piece of paper" is reality as tyranny incrementally replaces the rule of law in the US.

It began happening post-state-sponsored 9/11, especially since last year to
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