Trust in media hits bottom, 60 percent say sources pay for stories

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News Story Source:, by Paul Bedar
The Columbia Journalism Review poll also confirmed the pending death of print newspapers and magazines and a remarkable shift to social and online media as sources of news.

The survey, done in partnership with Reuters/Ipsos, interviewed 4,214 adults and found that the media is last on a list of all of Washington's institutions that the public has confidence in, even under Congress.

CJR did not write up a report or analysis beyond an introduction on the "trust gap" it found. They wrote, "For decades, we've known that Americans don't trust the press. What we haven't known is how people view the makings of journalism, from the use of fact checkers and anonymous sources to the question of whether money skews journalistic decision-making. This new national poll for CJR answers those questions, and points to how big the trust gap remains."

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