Trump’s Deep Swamp

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Trump's Deep Swamp

by Stephen Lendman

The only positive news about his first three months in office is things would have been worse under Hillary – both choices deplorable, polar opposite what's vitally needed.

Trump's swamp is more infested than earlier ones under his predecessors – filled with reckless warmakers, crooked billionaires, Wall Street predators, corporate scoundrels making administration policy decisions, and over 200 corporate bosses meeting with him face-to-face at the White House alone.

His agenda aims to make America greater than ever for its wealthy, powerful and privileged – ordinary people fed lip service only, meaningless promises, ignored as soon as made.

On April 17, a Public Citizen report headlined "Corporate Executives Swamp the White House" – over 200 so far meeting with Trump, on average over two daily.

"Counting repeat attendees, he has had at least 222 corporate executive meetings"
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