Trump's ace: Win or lose he can still devastate the deep state with these perfectly-timed moves

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News Story Source: Natural News
Two months remain before the next inauguration. There is much that President Trump can and should do right now. All of the actions below will set the table for a successful second term should President Trump win in court, but even if he doesn't they will stick one last finger in the eye of the corrupt elite cabal that hates him and his supporters so much.

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1. Pardon Julian Assange and Edward Snowden

President Trump's pardon of General Michael Flynn the day before Thanksgiving was a welcome start. But President Trump shouldn't just pardon those who took personal risks by associating with him.

Julian Assange has done everything that journalists are supposed to do, and everything which America's fake press has abandoned in favor of left-wing activism. Assange has revealed the secrets of the powerful and how they really operate. He exposed the lies of officials like James Clapper. He embarrassed Hillary Clinton and the wid
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