Trump Says Boeing Should “Rebrand” 737 MAX As Airlines Cancel More Flights

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In the latest indication of how the financial burden of the 737 MAX's troubles will ultimately be borne by Boeing's airline customers, American Airlines announced on Sunday that it would cancel all flights with Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes through Aug. 19, the longest stretch of cancellations announced by a US airline since regulators around the world grounded the planes following the March 10 crash of ET302. The cancellations will amount to 115 flights per day –  about 1.5% of American's total during each day of the summer travel season.

The airline had previously cancelled flights through early June. AA's decision to extend cancellations follows United's decision to cancel all MAX flights through June 5, and Southwest canceled them through Aug. 5. The cancellations are expected to severely hamper travel during the busy summer season, when families typically take vacations.

Read the full statement from American's Chairman and CEO Doug Parker and P
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