Trump, Qanon, Martial Law, and the Dollar

Trump, Qanon, Martial Law, and the Dollar

Who is Q-Anon? What is Trump’s plan? The world is in upheavel: Brexit, Yellow Vest Protests, and the election of Trump. Is martial law on the horizon? Will the fiat financial system collapse? People are demanding freedom and change. One way or the other, some form of change will come.
Many believe Q-Anon is a proverbial Toto pulling back the curtain to show us what’s going on behind the scenes and exposing the wizard as a fraud, revealing the witches of the east and the west for who they are, and Glinda for the devil that she is. However, if Q is legit the world will be shaken to the foundation and life will never be the same. Let’s follow Q down the rabbit trail and see where he takes us.

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