Trump Loves NATO

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Trump Loves NATO

by Stephen Lendman

What a difference an election made. Candidate Trump railed against the North Atlantic Alliance, calling it "obsolete."

Last April, he said if elected he'd consider withdrawing America. "It's possible that we're going to have to let NATO go," he said, adding:

"When we're paying and nobody else is really paying, a couple of other countries are but nobody else is really paying, you feel like the jerk."

He said he'd "call up all of those countries . . . and say 'fellas you haven't paid for years, give us the money or get the hell out.' I'd say you've gotta pay us or get out. You're out, out, out . . . Maybe NATO will dissolve, and that's OK, not the worst thing in the world."

Once in office, Trump flip-flopped dramatically. Unlike Margaret Thatcher, the president is for t
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