Trump is in a fiscal hole but wants to keep digging

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Meanwhile, on a different subject, the mortality rate for whites, ages
50-54, with a high school education or less, is now higher than the rate
for blacks, due in large part to alcohol, drugs, and suicide.  So much
for white privilege.  And the mortality rate for whites, ages 45-54, is
way higher than the rates in France, Germany, Britain, Canada,
Australia, and Sweden.

Mencken's Ghost

    *Trump's $4 Trillion Fiscal Hole*

By*David Stockman*


David StockmanThe "you ain't seen nothing yet" rule applies from here on

The GOP was unified on Obamacare "repeal" but completely fractured on
"replace," both on policy philosophy and fiscal cost.

That particular chapter of the "replace" saga, however, is chicken feed
compared to finding a coherent majority on measures to "replace" the /$4
trillion /of revenue loss from the
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