Trump Calls For NEGATIVE Interest Rates… AGAIN! – Can Federal Reserve Avoid A CRASH?

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News Story Source: World Alternative Media-Tim Picciott-Josh Sigurdso

Josh Sigurdson talks with Tim Picciott of The Liberty Advisor about today's tweet from President Trump regarding negative interest rates as he calls a surprise meeting with Jerome Powell.

As tariffs aren't going according to plan, Trump is once again asking for negative interest rates. Yet another Keynesian move as the US dollar continues to plummet in purchasing power.

The United States has been in a recession for more than a decade, papered over with vast printing, but it's about to reach its inevitable end. The US dollar cannot be prolonged much more than it already has and we are seeing every sign of a complete collapse on the horizon. This is just basic economics. All fiat currencies fail!

All the while, the Federal Reserve is printing an unthinkable amount of currency into the markets artificially propping them up. This will NOT end well, even for the best of stocks.

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