Trump Asks Putin for Help in Oil War, Here Are Putin’s Conditions

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News Story Source:, Mike Whitney
The two leaders talked briefly about the coronavirus pandemic but quickly switched to Trump's real concern which is oil production.

For the last month, Saudi Arabia has been flooding the market with crude oil to force Russia to agree to deep production cuts. To his credit, Putin has stubbornly resisted Saudi coercion and maintained current output levels. As a result, prices have plummeted to an 18-year low of $20.09 per barrel which is well below the break-even rate that American frackers need to survive. In less than a month, the capital-intensive US shale oil industry has gone into a steep nosedive that has set off alarms on Wall Street where analysts expect that a wave of defaults will deliver a knockout blow to the big investment banks. That's why Trump decided to call Putin. He wants to see if he can persuade the Russian president into slashing production.

It's worth noting, that Putin remained stoically silent when the Trump administration imposed economic sanct
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