Trigger Themes


Themes of the Millennium…you know, the trigger words we hear over all media outlets! Yes, all of them. It’s a brainwashing scheme…it subliminally places these terms within your subconscious and them you begin to accept them, even though beforehand you may have known/sensed that something just wasn’t right about them.

Let’s see…this is a test! Do you know what the sub-divisions of the New Age Movements (NAM) are? Generally speaking, it’s a Eastern-influenced metaphysical thought system.


New Age Methodology

The practices of the NAM is developing a connection between man and spirit without GOD. This imposes upon the dark side of the supernatural. This leap which some call astral projection trains your spirit to leave your body and travel contacting other spirits. The problem with this is that there are NO OTHER spirits out there but demonic spirits because when we die, our spirit transcends this dimension meaning we leave here. What’s left is…dead spirits of the dark side of the supernatural.

Their goal? To teach their spirit to take what they call “evolutionary godhood” steps which makes each person their own ‘christ’…being their own god. Yes, we are divine because GOD created us this way but we will never become gods, this was the original lie which Lucifer told Eve in the Garden of Eden…and even now people are being tricked into believing it. Yes, the NAM followers believe that their own divinity teaches them to usurp the authority and position of GOD!

Reincarnation teaches that this level of godliness can be obtained by returning over and over again until you get it ‘right’. They actually believe this and also that any verses in The Bible which referred to this was removed.


The average New Ager is looking for a single world leader (with a one world religion) who will guide them into harmonious global unity.

Frozen Formations 5

1. Aquarian Age/Age of Aquarius

It’s synonymous with the New Age Movement in that it’s description meets the same criteria. It’s a new dawning! Many believe that man is separate from GOD because of sin, while others think it’s just a lack of understanding or knowledge. The key is Jesus Christ…He’s the bridge! But, you see…this is not the same Jesus Christ that we know and love…no. It’s the false messiah to come.


2. Transhumanism/Robotics/A.I.

I think this one should be placed in this order because it’s that important. This one and the next are centered around “Increase in Knowledge”.
People think this is a new subject, something that scientists are discussing and exhibiting for the first time. But, this is not true. Genesis tells us about hybrids. Nephilim were a mixture of us and them. Them? The fallen angels…the Sons of GOD who left their first estate. The rest of the story is deep and actually cycles into the present day.
Genetic experiments were being performed then and now. We’re not told HOW these Nephilim came into fruition. Some explain that the Bible tells us that the angels do not have sexual organs and some believe they do. I don’t know but what I do know is if they don’t then it has to be experimental processes. Much like the ‘alien abductions’ now! These creatures send their lower minions to do their dirty work?
The robotic issue of this is that some tell of experiences which creatures which are robotic…robot aliens! A mixture of both biological and mechanical. Some theorize that their ships are the same. So does this whole agenda stem from this origin? I believe so.
To organically bring together, man and machine is to change DNA,…right? To do this takes GOD out of the picture,…right? Perfectly mastered by Satan.

3. Clones
Not created in HIS Image? I watches the movie, “Closer to God”…and what an eye-opener it was. I already know the tall-tale signs the elite use in predictive programming…but most people don’t. They whole premise of the movie was to ‘lighten’ the subject to allow the mind to accept it! But, what really upset me was how GOD must feel at the people who have actually been doing this!
I wonder, and I asked my husband, “Do these clones have souls?” And it also touches on that subject within the plot of this movie. I can’t answer that but what I can tell you is this…the script reveals that the baby who is the focus in the movie was not the first clone, but others came before it. And they weren’t a pretty sight. Mentally, they were broken…and physically too.


4. Gender Bender

A person who seeks to define gender-based expressions outside their own sexuality. In layman terms? Confused. Who is the father of confusion? Satan.

A person who is ‘bending’ their own gender has, I believe gone through major abuse or torture. If that’s not the case then it’s a learned expression much like a racist person teaching their children to be the same. Sad, really. SAD. Most people I’ve spoken to have experienced (sexually-based) trauma and this has caused them to hate natural sexual tendencies.

Satan has a favorite character which he invented…it may even represent one of his fallen angels. It’s Baphomet. He is unisex. He’s both. And this is who the LGBT community utilize as their mascot.

Satan loves that humanity has taken this role and blended it into society.


5. Possessions

Not all entries in this are New Age…in fact it’s the child who was sexually abused and decided to be the opposite of what GOD created them to be, who are susceptible to demonic attacks. Satan loves to attack the weak!

Possessions have not only increased, they are exponentially on the increase and will only keep doing so until GOD see’s fit.

  1. Violence/Immorality/False Flags

Violence has increased 1000-fold! Between the elite planning and executing false flags which brings forth anger, we have the demonic forces to contend with. And then of course, you have the mixture of these two. I know, sounds confusing..right? Well, it’s the elite committing these atrocities in order to enhance their powers which are given by the demons, but only temporarily because they end up expecting so much more in return than expected…meaning their very souls.

I think of the recent activity…the shootings around the world, the truck which ran over and killed many and injured others, the

  1. Rise in Spiritualism/ Ascension/Enlightenment

You would think this is included into the New Age and it is but it’s separate as well because the New Age doctrines have spread into many other religions. Promising god-hood is the primary goal.

  1. Religion

Many religions have been created, only to worship the same entities. That’s how the Fallen Angels work. Many people are shying away from religion while others are being tricked into believing that all religions lead to the same path, the same god. This is simply not true. The One World Religion is mastered by the Roman Catholic Church who is mastered by the Antichrist who is mastered by Satan.

The major increase in religion is Satanism. It’s in your face people whether you recognize it or not! You can notice it by symbolism…just open your eyes. The same idols which were bring worshiped in antiquity are the same ones behind the scenes now….only some are called by different names.

  1. Clones were a subject above, but what about hybrids? Do you think they have a soul? Are they created by GOD in HIS Image? Of course not. Many bloodlines exist on earth right now who are part fallen angel/demon-part human or part human/part animal. Sickening, right? It really is…and GOD is furious about it. What did HE do the first time? HE created the flood! This time…it will be catastrophic. The war of all wars.


  1. Mass Animal Deaths

I think I’ve touched on this a couple times. You see, a great friend of mine suggested that there was a sequence to their demise? Are they disappearing in the same order as they were created? What the elite and the technology produced to kill animals. I’m not talking about your local vet who ‘puts animals to sleep’…I’m talking about machinery which kills animals such as HAARP, or maybe even CERN. Are these contraptions causing ELF/frequencies which are causing brain waves to become jumbled, or even vanish? Are these things suggested causing the marine life to die in mass quantities? Of course, then there are the planned attacks on man/animal by causing events such as the “DEAD ZONE” which was from an oil spill for one example. What about land animals? Are they being internally manipulated by sound/energy?

Do you think GOD is causing some of these events to happen with the animals? HE is the MASTER of all creation…but it would seem cruel to think that. Everything is according to HIS plan, and we may not find out until we pass from this dimension to the next.

Symbols tell us who they worship…


  1. (Un) Natural Destruction/Volcanoes/Quakes/Storms

HAARP is of course the first thing which comes to mind here. But I believe that GOD is creating some of these natural disasters as a result of our sin. HE warns us of the outcome if we fall away…but humanity is so vain.

The increase in these events at one time were gradual, but it seems that we are exponentially seeing the explosion of “Super-Storms” and volcanoes waking after thousands of years.

GOD is in control and we must trust in HIM!

Distraction is key to keeping you busy…


  1. Famine

At one time, it was about control. The elite controls everything from money to food. They create events for power…only to take that land by force. They use the United Nations as a means now, but it once was the United States World Police…or so we thought we were! Our government acted like they deserved everything they touched! Now, we see the elite creating GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS. This means that the seed within the fruit would sprout another, etc, etc, etc…but no more. It only supplies one generation. And all the while this is happening there are others who believe that these GMO’s are causing us to get sick. Yet another way to control the masses and kill them.

  1. War/Peace

There has been war since the very beginning when Lucifer fell from GOD’S Grace. This began a domino effect from which the Fallen Angels taught mankind to make weapons, etc. Peace is an illusion…there never has been peace. GOD is The Only Peace! Come to Jesus Christ and ask forgiveness and salvation because He is The Only Path to GOD. Period.


  1. Increase in Christian Persecution

From last year to 2016, there has been a significant change in persecution. Not only is it happening around the world, but America is experiencing it on a nationwide scale initiated by our very own government which is full of Satan worshipers.

One of the things which come to mind is the “GOD-Pill”. Are scientists able to change your faith? They believe so. This is a form of persecution!

The end will be about religion, folks! Get that in your head!

  1. Falling Away

The world is full of humans who want to be their own god. The world is full of religions which teach that you can become your own god.


There are so many subjects out there that take/subtract GOD out of the equation. Scientists enjoying doing just that when it comes to space…they want you to believe that evolution was our creator…false! They want you to believe that ‘aliens’ are our creators…false! Aliens are demons in disguise.


  1. False Christs

There have been false christ’s since Jesus Christ died on the cross for our salvation, and the confusion of it all only lead people astray from GOD. This is the intention which Satan has, and when the Antichrist does rear his ugly head…he will insist on a One World Religion so that the people of the world will follow its leader, Satan. False miracles and signs will lead many to believe that the Antichrist is more than he really is…

maléfica gif

  1. Satan Arrives

Satan has had his hand in everything since the beginning right after his fall from grace. The world is surrounded by violence, disasters, sin, idols, and so much more. He’s sitting on his throne is the sea and clapping his hands thinking he has victory over us…and to an extent this may be true because there are people that will never see the Truth and The Light of GOD. THE WORD of GOD was brought to us but mankind, guided by Satan has developed so many versions that people are following false doctrines. So, Satan will gain many followers. Tis’ true. We are in the time of the falling away.


We are close. Very close. Watch your p’s and q’s! Dot your i’s, folks…cause GOD is watching. HIS HANDS are in control of all creation. HE gives you free will to choose your path. Will it be Jesus Christ who offers you salvation and guides you to The Only Path to the Father Almighty GOD? Or do you have your eyes clouded, or even closed?

Even no choice is a choice.

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