Top Three Lies Used To Promote War In The Middle East

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3. The Fake Nayirah Testimony

In 1990, a young girl provided a fake name and testimony to the Congressional Human Rights Caucus. She claimed that babies were pulled out of incubators by Iraqi soldiers with the overt intent of murder. This testimony was utilized by George HW Bush to justify joining the Gulf War. Most importantly, no evidence to back up this claim was ever found.

For more on this fake testimony, see the following story:

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2. Bush Claims Iraq Has Weapons of Mass Destruction

Allowing President Bush himself to provide the proof that he lied, in this first video he says that, "I take the fact that [Saddam Hussein] develops weapons of mass destruction very seriously."

Bush would later use this claim as a reason to invade Iraq, but he then raised some ears when he later admitted that, "the main reason we went into Iraq at the time was we thought [Saddam Hussein] had weapons of mass
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