Those Crazy Nigerian Email Scams – “Join The Illuminati”



On September 3, we contacted an individual named as Michael on email requesting to join Illuminati.

“Welcome to ilueminosenrealspell were you can be a Illuminati member, free home anywhere you choose to live in the world and also get 250,000 dollars monthly as  salary…If you are interested please kindly fill the following information to this email below,” he replied.

We filled the details and emailed.

“Hello, DENNIS NGISESA we receive your mail, and the content was noted, DENNIS NGISESA the rules guiding Illuminati body says, before you can be a Illuminati member there are some items you must bring to the altar of sacrifices in the temple of Illuminati, this items is going to cost you $150, and we don’t know if you can afford it. if you can afford it please get back to us for  us to tell you. But for now we can’t tell you till you come up with the option. Await your respons illuminatibrotherhood,” he replied back.

For the next couple of days, we wrote back saying that we could not afford the $150 and finally they agreed to scale down the amount up to $100.

“Hello, Mr Nyambega Gisesa we receive your mail, go ahead and make the payment of $100 to our brotherhood in Nigeria, and he will help you to get the items and send the items to us in USA. and will are going to call you to come to our initiation ground,” he replied back.

He added: “Please remember to send us the payment details so that we can confirm the money we await your payment tomorrow and also remember that we are going to remove the money we help you with, that is $50 after your initiation.”

We paid and we are yet to get  feedback.

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