This Week in Bitcoin: Courtroom Drama

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Bitcoin was born on the internet but destined to end up in court. Where there's money, there's a trail of gold-diggers, scammers, and slighted plaintiffs, and as bitcoin has risen in value, so have the court cases. With lawsuits, threats of litigation, subpoenas, and regulators sending gavels slamming in courtrooms across the land, this week's got it all. Get your popcorn at the ready as we prepare to chew over the highlights from This Week in Bitcoin.

Crypto Goes to Court

The biggest winners in cryptocurrency this week seem to be the lawyers – unless you're one of the attorneys the SEC is reportedly chasing for issuing dubious advice to ICOs. The number of crypto startups subpoenaed by the SEC could be anywhere from a dozen to 80 depending on who you believe. The truth is, no one, outside of the Securities and Exchange Commission, seems to know. Techcrunch founder Michael Arrington is confirmed to be one of the lucky winners of an SEC subpoena; the remainde
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