This GoPro for Your Dick Is Ridiculous

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News Story Source:, by Samantha Cole
Remember that viral video of the dog wearing a GoPro camera on its neck and dashing gleefully toward the ocean? If you've forgotten it, here it is again:

Now imagine this video, but the dog is a dick, and the GoPro is affixed not with a collar but with a cock ring. That's the idea behind the Cock Cam, "the world's first cock ring with a camera" created by UK-based sex toy company Julz.

The Cock Cam is "a revolutionary sex toy that allows you to record all of your erotic moments at never seen before angles, store and view videos on your mobile device through the Secure Mobile App, taking your sexy home videos to the next level," according to its website. It costs $159.95, and can record video in infrared night vision and HD video, up to 90 minutes at 1080P, 15 frames per second.

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