This Ford F-450 May Be The First Tesla-Powered Pickup Truck Ever

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News Story Source:, By: Gustavo Henrique Ruffo
Fans of the Like Tesla YouTube channel may beg to disagree with us on this one, but this is probably the best video we've ever seen there. It is a fantastic combination of subject and content. To make this clearer, it is about a shop that is turning a Ford F-450 into the first Tesla-powered pickup truck on the market. At least a body-on-frame pickup truck, not the Truckla. But it shows us much more than just the pickup truck.

First of all, Kim, the presenter, met Greg Coles and Bill Scalia due to a Mercedes-Benz 280 SE electric conversion using Nissan Leaf parts. But their most exciting project was in their shop. You just have to choose what it is.

Besides the F-450, Scalia also developed a trailer that helps the pickup truck recharge. It has embedded solar panels and a battery pack that allows the pickup truck and any other EV to charge in the middle of the desert if they get there with this.We'll talk to these guys to have more details on this trailer soon. In the meant
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