This Cool Service Gives You A Health Plan Based On Your DNA

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Before you try the latest craze (celery juice, anyone?), maybe you should check in with your DNA. Vitagene DNA Ancestry Test Kit & Personal Genetic Reports gives you actionable health plans based on your DNA for $69.

Workouts and diets are not one size fits all — an individual's genetics play a big role in getting fit and healthy. Vitagene will help you develop your own personalized plan to meet your goals. Just swab your cheek and send it off and Vitagene will help you become the master of your body by supplying you with actionable health plans.

Vitagene will help you learn what supplements to take, which workouts will be best for your body and what you should be eating. You'll receive customized meal plans, tailored macronutrient percentages, gluten sensitivity information and more. And aside from helping you run your body, you'll also be learning about your global ancestry.

Get the Vitagene DNA Ancestry Test Kit & Personal Genetic Reports for just&
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