This 1952 Planned Parenthood Pamphlet Stated Abortion "Kills the Life of the Baby"…

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News Story Source:, by Tim Brown
Planned Parenthood promotes the murder of the unborn. We have been calling it murder, not just abortion for a long time. Well, there was a time when Planned Parenthood pretty much acknowledged the same truth, that abortion "kills the life of the baby" and is "dangerous" to the mother.

While today's Planned Parenthood, under the leadership of liars like Cecile Richards, promotes abortion as a "safe, simple," or "safe and effective" or "one of the safest medical procedures you can get" to "terminate a pregnancy," at least in the past, they were honest enough to admit that abortion was neither birth control nor was it safe.

Pro-Life African Obianuju Ekeocha of Culture for Life Africa discovered some 1950s Planned Parenthood pamplets and decided to post them online via Twitter.

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