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News Story Source: By Tom Woods – Tom Woods Show
American culture has a few depressingly familiar rituals. One of them is the solemn apology.

"Please forgive me, O left-wing guardians of allowable opinion, for I have expressed an unapproved thought."

It's awful to watch someone debase himself like that.

Which is what makes it all the more thrilling to encounter someone who stands his ground, refuses to apologize, and tells the thought controllers to take a hike.

That's exactly what the professors in this collection did.

What collection is that? Why, my new (and free) eBook, Think for Yourself: Professors Who Resisted the Mob Tell Their Stories.

Each one of these people has experienced or chronicled what goes on at the mental institutions we laughingly call universities.

And each one has refused to apologize for telling the truth, being normal, or whatever other made-up offense got the shriekers riled up.

The person who fits this description best, and who is now known around the world, is of c
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