There Is No Such Thing As "Socialism"

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News Story Source:, by L. Neil Smith
In that society, it would be considered ill-mannered—and a moral confession in a milieu where, just as a single example, arranged, profitable, and politically advantageous marriages, are forced on innocent young women in a custom known as "gavage"—the process by which geese are force-fed to render their ruined livers a gourmet delicacy.

I suppose that the subtlety of the thing may have been lost, in a swirling sails-and-swordplay adventure full of space battles, bodice-ripping, passionate embraces, and mortal combat, featuring new and radical concepts for faster-than-light starships, "naval" gunnery, and personal weaponry. But the toxicity of euphemism is no less important today than it was when I wrote about it. On the contrary.

Take a look at the epigram this essay begins with. It was uttered (or written, I don't know which) by Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin, one of the most-often quoted individuals in the history of the world, the real founde
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