The world’s fastest electric production car is neither a Tesla nor a Taycan

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News Story Source:, Loz Blain
Well, when we say making, they're promising to make it, with deliveries "scheduled in early 2020." We speak, of course, of Maryland's Genovation and its GXE – effectively an all-'murican ZR1 Corvette that's been gutted and converted into an 800-horsepower, 718 lb-ft (973 Nm) electric beast with a theoretical top speed of 220 mph (354 km/h).

And now it's been proven to do at least 210.2 mph (338.3 km/h). In an "aerodynamics test" supervised by the International Mile Racing Association, driver Johnny Bohmer broke Genovation's own existing record to solidify its claim as the fastest electric car going around. It didn't appear to be a proper two-way speed run, so that'll no doubt leave conversations to be had on web forums.

The Genovation's top speed supremacy may be partially to do with the team's interesting choice of leaving the gearbox in. The GXE can be specified with a dual-clutch 8-speed paddle-shift t
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