The Winds of Change

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Alabama's Judge Roy Moore may seem a bit of a throwback, but he's an actual, practicing Christian (hardly a proof of sainthood, but until recently considered an indication of basic decency, in most of these parts) — a man willing to stand his ground and make sacrifices rather than betray his principles, a man who a lot of Alabamans clearly wanted as their U.S. Senator, precisely because he would have called the bluff of the perverts now in charge in Washington.

Enter the Washington Post with an unmistakable hit piece, casting a wide net 700 miles from their own circulation area in an attempt to demonstrate hizzoner displayed a pattern of dating women under the age of 20 when — as a man of about 34 — he returned 45 years ago from the Vietnam War (an enterprise which has been known to delay the marriages of many young men) and commenced searching for a wife able and willing to bear him children (somewhat younger women often being a better choice in that regar
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