The War Party Is At It Again

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Opinion Column by Chuck Baldwin
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Trade a Democrat for a Republican; trade a liberal for a conservative: It doesn't matter. The War Party remains in charge either way. The people who thought they were voting for Donald Trump because he would extricate America from these endless foreign wars should realize by now that he is just another wuss for the War Party.

Donald Trump has expanded America's bombing wars against Somalia and Syria. He has expanded America's drone attacks against Pakistan and Yemen. He has expanded America's ground war in Afghanistan. U.S. wars in Iraq and Libya have never stopped. U.S. wars have killed over 500,000 people (mostly innocent civilians) in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan alone.

Now Trump is sending 1,000 troops to Russia's border in Poland. He is sending an additional 1,000 troops (the real number could be 5 or 10 times that) to the Middle East. What most of us are not hearing reported is that Defen
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