The Urban Farm

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Feature Article by Donna Hancock
Greg Peterson created from a passion for Urban Farming. This passion grew as he created 'The Urban Farm' in Phoenix, Arizona, on 1/3 of an acre where he planted 70+ fruit trees. There, and online, Greg educates and empowers people to plant their own!

Through this entity he offers food-growing related classes both online and in-person, as well as events to promote fruit trees and vegetable seeds combined with topic related education.

Urban Farm U is all about Empowering You!

Have you ever wanted to free yourself from the disconnected nature of our industrial food system? To take control of your health, connect to the earth, and foster a more enriching life.  Well you can do all this and more simply by growing your own life-nurturing food. At Urban Farm U we provide the inspiration, knowledge and tools that promote and encourage healthy lives and environments so you can pursue your goals and dreams of a healthier life with a community of peopl
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