The Untold Story of the Greatest Crypto Project Ever – PART 6

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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
Part 6: Winding It Down

Continuing from Part 5.

By the time DMT was up and running, Dodge was winding down and closing, and the project was winding down. Soon enough (and especially because of Rex's irregular activity), an audit committee was formed, and we went through all the records. As it turned out, Rex, for all his playing fast and loose, had pumped a lot of his own money into the project, and it probably wouldn't have been completed without him.

This particular version of "fast and loose," however, involved some pretty ugly things… like embezzlement. But since the guy who oversaw the embezzlement was also the guy who pumped hundreds of times that amount into the project… well, there really wasn't anything more to be done, and no one, to my knowledge, pursued it any farther. (You can still find the nitty-gritties here.)

There were people who complained of course, but this really wasn't an investment in the first place, and anyon
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