The truth about Blue Ivy, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Croatia & their idiotic fans on HollywoodIlluminatiDotCom

Flash back. The Article that started all the drama for the Illuminati. (My meeting with the Hollywood Illuminati and Prince William Windsor over ten years ago!)
Dear Idiotic Urban Blacks
While the majority readers on HollywoodIlluminati are college educated folks or folks that have some college, I do have that element of blacks (mostly gays) that thrive on being not only ignorant but blissfully ignorant…ya know the Mediatakeout and Wendy Williams crowd.
I recognize that many of the urban Negroes that come on Hollywood Illuminati are D-List No Bodies that aren’t even fit to have a VH 1 reality show.
They grasp and cling through their ghetto ceilings trying to hitch a ride on the diamond laced dress of Beyonce and Rihanna but as they go for these celebrity strolls by being dragged along on Beyonce’s coat tails, they quickly realize that they haven’t really left their room and that Beyonce doesn’t even know who the hell this person is but like Heather Headley, in their minds, they will always be her number 1 fan and indeed they think that Beyonce or Rihanna not only knows them but loves them. 
This delusion leads them to come onto HollywoodIlluminatiDotCom and pretend to be online publicist and from their Walmart purchased lap top, they really do think that they are now high powered press agents, that have Jay Z on their speed dial.
These radical fans, tell themselves that they are crisis managers and HollywoodIlluminatiDotCom is a crisis that they have to manage, so they sit on the site 24 hours a day and search for ways to leave comments, that are supposedly meant to “tell me off”.
They are brain washed and under Hollywood Illuminati Mind Control and do not realize that the same six corporations (Wall St. Banks) that make money off of the ownership of musical artist are also the same corporations that run the private prisons, own 99% of all the media(online/print/on aire), drive all of the racism in the world, start all the wars, create all sorts of lab made viruses/disease and indeed their end game is a New World Order Under Satan aka The Illuminati.
  (Jamie Dimon from JP Morgan Wall St Firm….the biggest Welfare Queen in America)
  • 50 million Americans are on food stamps at a cost of 80 billion per year but one white man at JP Morgan (A Wall St Bank), Jamie Dimon, gets 76 billion per year, in the form of a corporate welfare check, just for himself and his friends!  How many malnourished babies could we feed in America with that white man’s 76 billion dollar welfare check (paid by US Tax Payers), which he gets all for himself at JP Morgan, while 50 million poor Americans are left to split up 80 Billion simply not to starve?

Now everyone is saying that I was wrong about how Beyonce named her child, Blue Ivy, all due to some frivolous corporate Illuminati publications and Croatia making Blue Ivy an honorary citizen of that country due to some silly tree video.

Well first of all, I will not even get into Beyonce’s Lucifer Immaculate Conception and how that was done with a straight face by Jay Z and Beyonce.
Could I pull off a public lie for nine months, go all over the media and stare my die hard & trusting fans in the face; knowing that I was following a script written by some coked up, Starbucks drinking, cigarette chain smoking publicist?  Likely not. 
What blacks need to really look into is the fact that Croatia is being fined and sued for racism.  In many European Countries, particularly when it comes to sporting events, there are problems with white Europeans either attacking, starting riots or chanting racist slurs at athletes of color, while at sporting events, kinda like the whites in America that would chant “Nigger” “Nigger” when Venus or Serena would play at tennis matches across the United States.
Some European countries are upset that Croatia was only fined about $100,000.00 when Croatia should have been fined about double that amount for the racism of its citizens at a recent soccer match.  So, in light of Croatia now being under the spot light for getting off easy after being fined for racism, of course Croatia is hoping to stop this by looking for a high-profile nigger…any high profile nigger…..any high profile niggers will do and who comes to this racist country’s rescue?  Of course some urban hip hop niggers aka Jay Z and Beyonce.
So Beyonce and Jay Z get their little lie to extend a bit longer regarding that Satanic Immaculate Conception via silly staged photos and videos by a tree that looks like it has some Ivy edited into the frame and Croatia, the racist country of nazis, gets to now walk away from their PR problems  because if there is any one people that have no pride, no self-respect and no respect for the global black community, it would be the niggers from Hollywood.
So there! People can say what they want about me but I am not the one that pimps my child so that white people in Croatia can solve their racist PR problems.  Don’t fuck with me because I will hurt your feelings with reality!
Nicolas Duplessis
Croatia let off easy for racism (This is the real motive of making Blue Ivy a citizen)
Media exposes how the murdering U.S. Pentagon controls Hollywood
 United Nations “calls for” a tax on billionaires (O.K. Let me see if I am correct. A fraud global eugenics agency of nazis, that was founded for the benefit of billionaires and corporations, now calls for a tax on billionaires, which means that billionaires will simply make a deposit into an UN bank account which the billionaires control? Nice try…you racist dumb fucks.)
Libya, was the taking of a successful African Country, where Black Africans had jobs, by the UN, British Gov, Goldman-Sachs, JP Morgan, US Pentagon, Israel, EU (France & Italy) and turning it into a 3rd world dump, so that UN and British Oil Companies could steal the wealth of the people (Libyan Elections are a fraud; just like in the US)
Poor People in India, being beat up by cops and left homeless by their British, Israel and UN propped up fraud government, so that bankers from Wall St, Israel and London can steal land for “urban development
 More EPA toxic chemicals being approved for gas industry in Alabama
(Matisyahu trying to look like Ricky Martin. You’re embarrassing yourself dude!)
REAL HIP HOP Doesn’t Come from America (This is what hip hop should be)
Lauryn Hill charged for not filing a tax return. (Note: THERE IS NO LAW THAT REQUIRES ONE TO FILE A TAX RETURN, IN FACT MANY IRS AGENTS DO NOT FILE TAX RETURNS). (Oil Companies pay no taxes!  General Electric (owner of MSNBC) and media companies pay no taxes! The Head of the United States Treasury, Timothy Geitner, didnt pay taxes for over 10 years and he isnt charged with any crime, Obama’s labor secretary, Hilda Solis, stole money from her constituents but she isn’t charged with any crime & illegal aliens do not pay taxes)
FBI says Mexican Drug Cartels used Bank of America to launder money (1. The FBI, ATF,CIA trained the Mexican Cartels in Ga. State. 2. Bank of America/Wells Fargo/Wachovia Bank made over 350 billion off of helping to move cocaine in Latin America in 2010 3. Wall St Firms (Goldman-Sachs/JP Morgan) & the US State Dept (Hillary Clinton) runs the entire drug trade & most of the child sex slave rings on planet Earth!)
Drug Network in Oklahoma Busted by cops (Mexican Meth in The South….I bet it was a bunch of trailer trash working for the local cops or FBI)
 Ca. man beats up Satanic Catholic Priest that molested him as a child (everyone should beat up a Catholic Priest, in fact why dont we just kill them?)–abc-news-topstories.html
The United Nations Pawn, Off Shore Banker Funded & anti-American British owned Obama Administration now closing Border Patrol Offices in the US, in order to allow in child sex slaves and narcotics (Helter Skelter Helter Skelter)
Americans now question the legitimacy of corporate organized sponsored Satanism AKA Organized Religion (Catholic & Protestant) in record numbers. New Lows!
Mila Kunis “Ashton and I ARE JUST FRIENDS!” (Yeah, emm hmm. A friend that just so happens to slip and fall on his cock every night)–reports-claim-pair-inseparable-living-together.html
 New Orleans Hotel catches fire (Awwww Poor developers. Wouldnt it be really cool if some Al Queida Saudi Arabs released a bio-weapon in the French Quarter aka The White Hillbilly Racist Quarter? Do you know the orgasm that I would have?)
Nazi “Liberals” and Ku Klux Klan Sympathizers (Tarratino, Harvey Weinstein, Brad Pitt, Paramount Studios, Seth Rogan, HBO, Time Warner) in Hollywood continue to support and film in Louisiana State, even as La. State takes radical white supremacist steps to keep Black Female Judges from serving in office and rolls back voting rights.
America is burning in hell with record breaking heat (Hmmmmmmmmm.)
King Solomon Jews say, “No Christianity in America. If you study the Bible you will be arrested and jailed!” (More Awesome Displays of Power by the King Solomon Jews over the Gentile Monkeys)
Nazi King Solomon Jew, Mayor Bloomberg of NYC, wants to put gentiles into small coffins and make them live like zoo animals! (Can the King Solomon Jews be stopped?)
(Miley Cyrus walks around town, showing off her camel toe, in slutty tights & sun shades!)
CNN’s Anderson Cooper calls woman…..”Bitch” on air flight (If Anderson Cooper would be a black man, this would for sure be cause for mass media lynchings and protest)
(Anderson Cooper)
I said that Anderson Cooper wasnt just gay but he was also a male slut, all the way last year in ”Cooper a Queen from an Early Age” Article (May 10th 2011. Do you see how these people sit on tv and lie to your face? Cooper has said on more than one CNN show that he wasnt gay, even though he flames more than a Syrian Battle Field!)
Lenny Kravitz fucking Clooney’s sloppy seconds? (Thats not “Rock Star” Like behavior Mr. Kravitz. You’re embarrassing yourself!)
Black People in America are like Heather Headley (In My Mind Video), they live in a Matrix Reality, regarding these coons in the music industry, that simply isnt real. They are glorified field hands of Lucifer.
Justin Bieber, the Justin Timberlake Knock-Off, hangs up on radio interviewer because the interviewer actually told him that he was a “Justin Timberlake Knock Off” (I hope that Justin Bieber doesn’t think that he is some kind of original)
(Britney Spears showing off her “ham-hocks” in slutty tight dress around NYC)
Financial Expert admits that JP Morgan and Wall Street Firms in the United States are in line with Satan
Six year Old Girls in America see themselves as “sex objects”  (Whores in training)
Will Venus Williams Endorse Obama? Hell No! (I know she not. Only these black coon Satanist in Hollywood endorse Obama.)
Chris “Leave Britney Alone” Crocker doing gay Satanic demon cooking rituals in the hills of Tennessee
(Miley Cyrus hides out in Australia so that she could reveal her inner hooker with “fuck me” shorts, S&M Boots and fish net stockings. You On Film Chick! Busted!)
 (Britney Spears shows off her tits….cuz she waiting for someone to slide something in between them)
 ( Colorado Satanist are victims of a “hate crime” after someone stole their “VOTE SATAN” Sign)
More Satanic Sacrifices of Children by the United Nations, United States and NATO in Syria (all of these “rebel” groups are funded by the U.N. and Wall St Firms’ Goldman-Sachs/JP Morgan)
Nicolas Sarkozy of France under investigation for campaign finance violations. (All of these criminals pretend to be under investigation but none of them end up in jail….look at DreamWorks SKG in Hollywood)
The United Nations Republican Pawn, “Nikki” Mahatma Hailey, Gov of South Carolina steals money for personal gain
Greedy Rabbis in New Jersey stealing money and running more Ponzi schemes (Do these bastards know how to do anything else?)
Romania Votes to Impeach President (Impeach isnt enough; these U.N. & banker corporate funded clowns need to be killed)
North Carolina opens up state to toxic fracking by oil & gas corporations (More handy work of idiotic, inferior trailer trash in the United States Gov.)
Who is really behind the fracking pollution? The United Nations….of course. (The UN is the world’s biggest polluter & the largest polluter of land that belongs to black and brown people in America & around the globe)
 Urban Trash Latino leaves his retarded kids in a car while he does cocaine in a Chicago bar
Woman allegedly shoots herself with cop’s gun while sitting in the cop’s car (Yeah ok. That really makes sense. Who really shot this woman?)
Black woman kills children to get back at husband. (More deranged and crazy mess from urban blacks. I guess having the lifestyle of a New York urban animal is trendy & cool.)
More White Dog Molesters in the United States of Satan (The sad thing is that this guy is cut from the same DNA as the people sitting in the UN, US Government, the media & at Wall St. Banks)
Indiana Man leaves two kids in a hot car….one dies (More mess from the White Animals in the United States of Satan…bad and inferior DNA. SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO BREED.)
California man goes on bloody killing spree (More crazy, bloody and deranged mess from these animals in Ca. State)
40 something year old man from Arizona flies to Florida state to fuck a 14 year old disabled girl on a stolen credit card (Maybe he was doing it for charity…14 year old disabled girls want cock too)
American Black & White Animals abusing kids in Kentucky (drug use & cock roach bites!) (Why are Americans allowed to have children?)
West Virginia Man tortures his wife because she had an old & beat up 40 year old pussy (Thats what she gets
Alabama Governor (The most competent politician in the U.S.) draws more business to Alabama (This is exactly why the U.N. and banker/Wall St./British owned Federal Government hates Alabama; because they cant stand to see an American, especially a black American, with a job)

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