The Syria Strikes Aftermath: What We Know So Far

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Hello, friends, James Corbett here,

It's April 10, 2017, aka 72 hours into the post-Syria Strikes world and the dust is beginning to settle on the crazy events of last week. I hope you've been following all the latest information in the comments section of The Corbett Report's own open source investigation as The Corbett Report community has been doing yeoman's work in assembling and collating all the data streaming forth from the newsfeeds. But in case you haven't been following the developments this weekend let's just go over what we know, what we don't yet know, and what we can read in the tea leaves about what is to come.

Firstly, I won't spend too much time on the chemical weapons incident that spurred all of this in the first place other than to direct you to a very important interview that Scott Horton just conducted with ex-CIA officer Philip Giraldi where he insists that the intelligence community and military person
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