The Submarine Fleet and the Space Force Are the Last Guardians of America

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News Story Source: The Common Sense Show – Dave Hodges
You may notice, that as predicted, the patsy of the falsely labeled Nashville bombing has been rolled out. This disgruntled man had a hobby of making bombs according to his girlfriend who is all of sudden willing to go on the record, but would not report the "Nashville Bomber" when he was accumulating his one-man bomb squad.

This false flag narrative, rolled out by the criminal FBI/AFT is a classic false flag narrative. The problem with this fake revelation is that we have conclusive evidence that the AT&T building was already burning as the RV, momentarily, was intact and there is an absence of a crater on the street. Thanks to many, including Daboo 777 for exposing this fact.

Continuity of Government Protocols

America is under Continuity of Government protocols. Every action that is being taken at the moment is NOT the direct result of a Trump order. The CSS has learned that operational command decisions can be, and are being invoked, without P
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