The Special Newsweek Edition “DECLASSIFIED” –Even Further Declassified

It was my great pleasure to work on a special edition of Newsweek featuring documents declassified in 2015. The whole team was fantastic to work with and has done a great job producing a high quality edition that document hounds and novices alike will speedily turn the pages of. As the introduction to the edition states:

Americans take justifiable pride in having a government ‘of the people, by the people, for the people.’ But officials and bureaucrats sometimes carry out illegal or immoral acts, then hide the evidence in plain sight, burying it under a mound of public records. Fortunately, a group of dedicated patriots doggedly utilize one of the most powerful tools at their disposal –the Freedom of Information Act– to bring these misdeeds to light. Over the past 25 years, more than 10 million pages of previously classified documents from more than 200 agencies have been made public thanks to the efforts of a handful of individuals, who tirelessly comb through reams of documents and analyze the information they contain. Sometimes shocking, sometimes scandalous and occasionally strange, these are the secrets your government kept from you –out in the open for anyone curious to learn.

But beyond this excellent print edition, I wanted to publish my rough draft of the copy I provided for Newsweek to readers of Unredacted. First, because space constraints required much of the background to these fascinating declassified stories had to be cut; and second, so that our document hound readers can now click the links and read the entire featured documents themselves and see how they were presented by the “dedicated patriots” who actually filed the FOIAs and brought these government secrets into the public domain.

Again, the below is a rough draft so please treat it as such.

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